Saturday, November 8, 2014

Currently reading "Under the Never Sky" by Veronica Rossi

Right now I'm already at two-thirds of the book, and I'm loving it! It's just stupendous! I wasn't able to finish the book right away because of my busy schedule but if there's a will there's a way, right?

The story is just so fast-paced and thrilling I have to take a break every now and then to take it all in. (That's a really good thing!). At first I thought it was just another one of those sappy love stories with the crabby heroines and all, but after giving it a try I found myself in awe of this book and all its Aria-and-Perry goodness. Now I have the other two books of the trilogy tucked in my shelf (yes, I liked it that much).

Can't wait to read "Through the Ever Night" and "Into the Still Blue"!

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